Are you lost? Do you need a friend? Or do you just need to socialise?
Through Destiny New Life Outreach you are sure to make new friends & get spiritual plus practical support.
It is a perfect way to have fun and also find vital information. Come and join us for our next meeting.

You will not be disappointed!



Founded in 2008 by Micheal and Pheona Matovu

Grew out of personal experience of the Matovu’s & a sense of calling to reach out to those in similar circumstances. Struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their children made Micheal & Pheona realise that there must be lots of others going without food.

It started as a one off meal for asylum seekers and developed into a monthly event serving a buffet.

Realising the need for support among the immigrant population has helped grow the outreach into what it is now.

It is majorly dependant on donations for each event


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